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KDE It slipped by us, but the KDE team has released another minor bugfix release of KDE 4.2, version 4.2.3, a few days ago. Being a bugfix release, there are few user-visible changes, but still, there are a few things that stand out. "Online IMAP filtering in KMail has been fixed, KMail's system tray icon now reacts to changes to folder properties and updates the number of emails shown there automatically, and bugfixes, performance improvements and optimization in KHTML - painting and interoperability with web standards has been further improved."
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I mean seriously, what idiots design such bloatware. I don't have a freaking mainframe sitting in my garage to run that crap.

Horses for courses.

KDE4 is faster than KDE3 or just about any other Linux desktop ... PROVIDED that you have a graphics GPU with a working 3D and openGL driver. Hardware graphics acceleration must work.

That is its design. It uses the GPU to speed up all kinds of display-related operations, including font rendering and anti-aliasing. If your system doesn't have a working hardware-accelerated graphics GPU and driver, then KDE4 is not for you.

KDE4 is not bloatware, but it is all about accelerated graphics performance. If you don't have accelerated graphics, it won't perform.

If your system does have a working hardware-accelerated graphics GPU and driver, then KDE4 is the bees knees of Linux desktops right now.

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