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Windows Windows XP Mode, the virtualisation tool currently in beta for Windows 7, only works on processors with virtualisation extensions, known as AMD-V and Intel VT-x. Microsoft made this clear from the get-go, but still various news websites regurgitated it as "news" yesterday that some Intel processors do not support XPM. Twenty-four hours down the road, and Intel had a few things to say about this.
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by grat on Fri 8th May 2009 17:15 UTC
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I cannot believe Microsoft would have the unmitigated nerve to release a modern operating system that won't run on my beloved NEC V20* based PC!

How can they expect to be taken seriously in the operating system arena if they can't provide such a basic level of support?!?

... ok, ok, I'm kidding. Still though, people who complain that Vista (or Windows 7) runs poorly on their 5 year old computer with half a gig of memory annoy me, especially when you can build/buy a Vista-capable machine for under $500.

* Yes, I have a laptop with an NEC V20 chip in it-- I don't actually do anything with it other than haul it out every few years and see if it still boots.

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