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Oracle and SUN Ever since news got out that Oracle snapped up Sun Microsystems, a big question mark has been hanging over Sun's SPARC business. Would Oracle kill it off? Sell it? Or would they actually invest in creating a top-to-bottom hardware+software stack, like Apple and Cisco? Oracle's CEO has given the answer. And yes, that's a new category icon up there.
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by _df_ on Fri 8th May 2009 18:20 UTC
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this comes across as pretty ridiculous. Everything is being commodotised. Oracle making new investments in sparc seem pretty ridiculous. Not even rock could save sparc.

Apart from IBM, everyone else has gone on the x86 bandwagon. Maybe intel will pull a rabbit out with the newer Itaniums...

I dunno, I just dont see any future for sparc at oracle. high end chip dev is now a waste of money.

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