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Fedora Core Red Hat, which started the HAL project many years ago, has deprecated it in favor of a new initiative called DeviceKit. David Zeuthen, primary developer of DeviceKit, has posted on his blog about the work done by the Red Hat Desktop team in Fedora 11 for improving the storage layer in GNOME by taking advantage of DeviceKit. This includes desktop notification if your hard disk is failing, a desktop utility to handle RAID and LVM storage, a replacement for the venerable gfloppy, and many others. Look at his blog for a number of screenshots showing the details. "The GNOME 2.26 release in Fedora 11 will ship with a completely different stack for handling storage devices. The plan is to land all this work in the upstream GNOME 2.28 release and most of that work is done already."
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by Hypnos on Sat 9th May 2009 01:30 UTC
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What can DeviceKit do that HAL cannot, due to the latter's "design limitations" ?

If it's just to make disk diagnostics easier this seems like quite a radical change. OTOH, if the main impetus is to shift more power management functionality to a lower level in order to be more desktop-agnostic, there's more value in that.

As a Gentoo user, I wonder what headaches I might enjoy in the future because of this; ESD/ALSA-to-PulseAudio is already looming on the horizon ...

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