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Apple Since it's weekend, which usually equates to no news, we figured we'd follow in Engadget's footsteps by asking you, our dear and loving readers, what you would change about Apple's current Mac Pro. Engadget readers already had a few things to say - this is the internet after all. And since this is OSNews, we add a question of our own: what would you change about Mac OS X?
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by henrikmk on Sat 9th May 2009 11:36 UTC
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Better control over windows:

- Resizing in each corner via hotkey or moving via hotkey, like Window Maker.
- Vertical and horizontal stacking of windows.
- Moving windows between displays with a hotkey.
- Exposé doesn't display mini-windows.
- Changing screen resolution screws up how windows are arranged on the desktop. It should really not be affected, if I'm playing a game at a lower resolution and then returning to the desktop.
- Some windows are put entirely out of view of the desktop or move up behind the menu bar where you can't move them. They appear in Exposé, but you can't grab them.

Generally in OSX:

- Some things should stay resident in memory, like window management, volume control so they are not susceptible to delays when swapping. (Mute dammit. Mute! The phone is ringing.)
- OpenGL on my late 2007 Macbook GMA3100 is really buggy and it's gotten worse over time with updates. Some 3D apps crash after 30 seconds of use. Others are just incredibly, astronomically slow. Even kernel panics appear thanks to bad drivers. I'm a little scared that this won't be fixed, just because my Macbook is made of last generation hardware. It's plenty fast for my needs, but just really unstable.
- Get rid of all those space consuming printer drivers. (Snow Leopard will do that).
- Much better access to services. They are underused and hard to access without using 3rd party programs. It feels like a forgotten part of NeXTSTEP just stuffed in the back.
- Proper LaunchD management. Lingon for OSX Leopard is inadequate.
- EXT2/3 driver.
- New users are often confused as to why OSX might run slow or why the fans are running all the time. Activity Monitor often answers the question (a rogue app or a lot of swapping), but Activity Monitor is hard to understand for new users. Worse is that if it's an app that persistently fails because it's a startup item, some users will just give up and choose to entirely reinstall OSX (i.e. the Windows solution). There should be a simple way to indicate discretely that the computer is under stress for some reason and offer a way to solve it. Perhaps with a simple red indicator in the menu bar, which you can click and see what's eating many resources right now.


- Proper multithreading. Stop the beachball from appearing when a single network resource goes dead. Apple ought to make windows with a "disabled" appearance and generally block only the one window which is causing trouble. That would be very Apple like and much less frustrating.
- OSX relies too much on Spotlight in Finder where very simple filtering would work better and much faster like it did in Panther. They can say what they want, but Spotlight is just not 100% realtime. My old PowerMac 333 Mhz is sometimes faster at finding files in Panther than my Macbook.
- Slow drives are handled poorly. OSX often behaves as if your drives are the latest and fastest, always there and always reliable. Behold Finder grinding to a halt, if you put in a cheap and slow USB 1.1 memory key and it attempts to spotlight index it.
- Trash can't be emptied because an unknown app is using a file. It can't be that hard to just print in the dialog which app is using that file?
- Folder merging. Please add it. I have to have muCommander hanging around, just because of that single feature.
- Impossible to move a file without using drag'n'drop with the mouse and at times also keyboard.
- Duplicate existing window with the same path.
- A persistent bug that causes the folder renaming editing field to be very flakey. It's been there since 10.5.0.
- Forward and back button has no popup history. It's in Safari, so why not in Finder?
- If a shortcut alias to a folder on a network drive in the sidebar has once been dead, you must recreate it for it to work again.


- Quicklook has some illogical and missing keyboard shortcuts.
- Quicklook ought to have some kind of all-purpose raw view for files that aren't recognized, something like a hex editor view. It's annoying to look at a file and not being able to see its contents.


- Blur an area of a picture. This would be extremely useful if you are taking a screenshot for publishing and want to blur out sensitive information.


Just about everything. Throw it out and start over. It's just done entirely wrong as it works completely backwards from the philosophy of the dock and how apps and windows work in OSX.


While it appears simple to use, some tasks are hopelessly complicated or impossible, because the right commands simply don't exist. There are just too few of them and the ones that are there are too complex. A more sensible list of commands would improve Automator a whole lot.


- Search for tabs. I often have 50 tabs open. Why am I not allowed to search for them?

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