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Apple Since it's weekend, which usually equates to no news, we figured we'd follow in Engadget's footsteps by asking you, our dear and loving readers, what you would change about Apple's current Mac Pro. Engadget readers already had a few things to say - this is the internet after all. And since this is OSNews, we add a question of our own: what would you change about Mac OS X?
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What I wish
by hraq on Sat 9th May 2009 18:36 UTC
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1. Cut function to work (Command+X); because it never worked and if it works locally it would never work on the mounted network volumes.

2. Finder has address bar and able to show hidden files/folders and to allow traversing folders with .app extension

3. maximize button to maximize to the whole screen

4. a short-cut to engage screen saver or to lock screen (much like Ubuntu Ctrl+Alt+l; or windows Win+l)

5. Mac Pro to have dual PSU; and to have capacity for 6 or 8 HDD and to have 5 years extended warranty

6. any mac with pro to have 5 years extended warranty

7. Availability of accidental damage warranty for at least the Pro laptops.

8. Availability of dpi and system fonts customization to allow people to better see the interface. Much like in Ubuntu "System>Preferences>Appearance>Fonts>Details>Resolutio n"

9. A new Desktop in the line between Mac Pro and imac that has no integrated screen while having expansion capabilities, better Cooling and midpowerful CPU (up to Core2Quad)and midpowerful RAM (8GB ECC Max). and let's call it "Mac Mid" for "Mac Middle"

10. Volume Control in their Mice

11. Much better Graphics Solution especially on Mac Pro and previously suggested Mac Mid.

12. Much better pre installed unix support and much better Console than X11 (needs a complete revision).
I wish all developmental packages installed rather than going to get xcode and install it then still you need to configure it. I need gcc and other packages available out of the box.

13. There are still more I wish to see and finally I wish Apple would listen

Thanks for reading

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