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Apple Since it's weekend, which usually equates to no news, we figured we'd follow in Engadget's footsteps by asking you, our dear and loving readers, what you would change about Apple's current Mac Pro. Engadget readers already had a few things to say - this is the internet after all. And since this is OSNews, we add a question of our own: what would you change about Mac OS X?
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USB & Firewire Ports
by trooper9 on Sat 9th May 2009 19:25 UTC
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I've been given a new Macbook Pro by the company I work for. Very nice, very fast machine. I pretty much love it except:

All of the USB/Firewire ports are on the same side of the machine. With the work I do and the peripherals I usually have connected to the machine, the left side gets very busy, very fast. And once you have a couple of cables plugged in, you can forget using many usb thumb drives as they won't fit.

And Finder seems anemic.

That's pretty much my list of gripes. I've been very happy with everything else. It's been very stable under heavy load (lots of A/V editing and conversion and graphics creation). Also, with the new version of the "laptop" I'm using, it's *much* cooler even under load.

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