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Oracle and SUN Ever since news got out that Oracle snapped up Sun Microsystems, a big question mark has been hanging over Sun's SPARC business. Would Oracle kill it off? Sell it? Or would they actually invest in creating a top-to-bottom hardware+software stack, like Apple and Cisco? Oracle's CEO has given the answer. And yes, that's a new category icon up there.
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RE[2]: odd
by _df_ on Sun 10th May 2009 14:48 UTC in reply to "RE: odd"
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Do you even know what commodity is? do you realise that x86 isn't an open standard where as SPARC is? do you realise that OpenBoot is an open specification? do you realise that everything within a SPARC system is open standards based? You ramble on about commoditised hardware and yet you're talk about the Itanium.

do you know what commodity is? just because ofw is a ieee standard means nothing. just because sun released the schematics for sparc does not mean its commodity. where are all the off the shelf fabbed sparc chips by everyone but sun? (fujitsu sparc is totally unrelated to suns openly released design).

Pardon - but you need to explain the point of your post because so far it has absolutely none - apart from spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

whats fud about saying sparc is not a commoditised platform?

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