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Apple Since it's weekend, which usually equates to no news, we figured we'd follow in Engadget's footsteps by asking you, our dear and loving readers, what you would change about Apple's current Mac Pro. Engadget readers already had a few things to say - this is the internet after all. And since this is OSNews, we add a question of our own: what would you change about Mac OS X?
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SD-Card, Blu-Ray, eSATA, HDMI, faster USB
by Ascay on Sun 10th May 2009 15:22 UTC
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A few common hardware pieces that are nice and standard even in cheap PCs would be nice in all Apple computers:

I can understand that Apple doesn't want to ruin the looks of their computers with some ugly 1000-in-1-Cardreader. But c'mon... most devices today use SD/SDHC cards. And I guess much more people use SD cards than Firewire. I hate it to carry around a card reader because my MacBook doesn't have a slot for it.

Blu-Ray has won the format war, BDs are getting very common, low-bitrate 720p download videos are not the answer to high-bitrate 1080p Blu-Ray videos. At least it should be an option.

Much faster than Firewire, standard in modern PCs and on better external drives.

Very small, a lot of modern monitors have it (instead of Displayport!), every new TV set has it, integrated sound signal - Macs should have that instead of some proprietary Apple only connectors like Mini Displayport! I don't want to carry around some stupid adapters. And I don't wanna connect another cable only for sound.

Faster USB:
It's pathetic that Windows on my MacBook has 3x faster USB transfer speeds than OSX on the same machine.

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