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Oracle and SUN Ever since news got out that Oracle snapped up Sun Microsystems, a big question mark has been hanging over Sun's SPARC business. Would Oracle kill it off? Sell it? Or would they actually invest in creating a top-to-bottom hardware+software stack, like Apple and Cisco? Oracle's CEO has given the answer. And yes, that's a new category icon up there.
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RE: Possible, But I Doubt It
by christianhgross on Sun 10th May 2009 20:57 UTC in reply to "Possible, But I Doubt It"
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What Oracle is realizing as has IBM, as has Apple and as is Cisco is that they want to sell boxes with software.

Oracle wants to sell a turnkey solution to its clients.

I actually think Oracle will invest in Sun, Sparc, SunOS and get rid of everything else. Oracle got an entire processor design system for peanuts!

They like Java because it allows to sell boxes where clients can deploy their own business logic using toolkits that already exist.

It is actually pretty brilliant strategy.

Whereas other companies like Microsoft have to create a complete stack, figure out the performance, etc, etc. Oracle and IBM just sell a turnkey box.

I was talking yesterday to an Oracle and SQL-Server DBA. And he said Oracle on Windows is ok in performance. But the moment you move it to a UNIX box Oracle becomes IMPRESSIVE...

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