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Apple Since it's weekend, which usually equates to no news, we figured we'd follow in Engadget's footsteps by asking you, our dear and loving readers, what you would change about Apple's current Mac Pro. Engadget readers already had a few things to say - this is the internet after all. And since this is OSNews, we add a question of our own: what would you change about Mac OS X?
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Mac OSX ...
by de_wizze on Sun 10th May 2009 21:28 UTC
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Needs to add the ability to resize and move windows with the use of the Option (or Alt) key on the keyboard while dragging the mouse. Just like almost every other Windows Manager on a UNIX based system, even down to TWM if I remember correctly. Thats it. Really they get that and I will save up to actually buy the highly over priced yet so well engineered hardware that they make.

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