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OSNews, Generic OSes And another week passes us by. This week we were informed about two projects replacing some GNU software with alternatives, FreeBSD, KDE,, and Windows 7 did new releases, Psystar replied to Apple's allegations (and the Apple world completely ignored it), and Chrome users were the most up-to-date with their browsers. This week's my take is a prelude to the one for next week.
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Psystar: "The dog ate our financials!"
by FurryOne on Mon 11th May 2009 02:03 UTC
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The letter made some very valid points, but to my own very, very sad surprise, absolutely none of the major Apple news sites covered it, despite the fact that they did cover Apple's letter.

You can't be serious. Do you really think "The dog ate my financials" is a valid defense in court?? Apparently, the Judge wasn't impressed, and from Groklaw comes the following:

"Psystar's excuses for not providing discovery didn't fly at the May 5th hearing, I gather, and the judge has granted Apple's motion to compel..." ..."The judge took care of the final issue, and the outcome is that Psystar is to produce the discovery items by 5/18, by high noon. Does that mean the dog didn't eat *all* the financial documents after all?"

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