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OSNews, Generic OSes And another week passes us by. This week we were informed about two projects replacing some GNU software with alternatives, FreeBSD, KDE,, and Windows 7 did new releases, Psystar replied to Apple's allegations (and the Apple world completely ignored it), and Chrome users were the most up-to-date with their browsers. This week's my take is a prelude to the one for next week.
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RE: moving away from gnu software?
by Valhalla on Mon 11th May 2009 03:20 UTC in reply to "moving away from gnu software?"
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cycoj wrote:
-"I think the debian move to eglibc cannot be seen as a move away from the gnu software. Firstly, eglibc has the same licence as glibc, the LGPL or lesser GNU public licence. Secondly, eglibc follows the same copyright assignment rules as glibc, i.e. the FSF owns the copyright to eglibc as well."

Yeah, I guess Thom was desperately looking for a trend of 'projects leaving gnu' or something. Also Freebsd wanting to drop gcc for llvm isn't exactly a shocker since afaik they haven't upgraded gcc from 4.2.1 (due to not liking gplv3 iirc).

Either way it's great that a large and complex project like an operating system is focusing on using llvm since that will expose alot of the functionality that llvm/clang needs in order to mature into a stable and complete solution and hopefully it will also help speed development up a bit.

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