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Intel Microsoft isn't the only company in the technology industry with a monopoly. Its partner in crime, Intel, has often been accused of monopoly abuse as well, and is currently under scrutiny by the same European Commission who fined Microsoft. Sources have told eWeek (which generally has a good track record) that Intel will indeed be found guilty this week of abusing its monopoly position to stifle the competition.
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Though off topic, but non the less.
I have the feeling that this crisis will change the world.
First the rotten world financial mafia, mostly situated in the US, UK and Switzerland, will fall.
The virtual, value-less U$ dollar will fall.
That will ultimately save a bunch of countries from a possible "democratic" carpet bombardment.
And very probably the US citizens will for once open their eyes to discover what horrible illusion of "freedom" and democracy they were living in.
Long live the crisis.
I also advice to watch the Zeitgeist movies, Part I "Zeitgeist: The Movie", and especially Part II "Zeitgeist: Addendum" which particularly talks about the U$ dollar and the crisis.

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