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Podcasts Special Offer: 50% Extra Free. I hope you have your tea/coffee cup primed for this one-and-a-half hour edition of the show! We cover a lot of ground (and everything in between) on the Windows 7 RC, the Kindle DX (is that like the Nathan TX?), application and OS updates and finally what would we change about the Mac Pro and Mac OS X.
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RE[4]: audio only?
by Manik on Tue 12th May 2009 10:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: audio only?"
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Rather than a language that is controlled and standardised by some self appointed 'language nazi's', it is the language of the people, by the people.

When I read this, I knew there would be a jab at the French coming soon. I wasn't disappointed. For some reason, though they aren't the only "language nazis" of the world (have a look at Greece, Finland, Iceland, Japan or Quebec), they're the ones systematically taken as examples.

And it is a bad example. The French accept foreign words in their language. They use "mail", "e-mail", or "email" when speaking or writing. They use "spam", and a lot of other words, mainly from english. Some are frenchified, most are used "as is". Those words are in french dictionnaries.

The venerable Académie Française, that most French would consider as a retirement house for mostly unreadable unknown writers (Maurice Druon, who recently passed away, being one exception), seems to have more importance in the english-speaking world than it has in France or the french-speaking world, whre generally no one bothers with its works. French, the language, isn't cast in stone by anybody, and, like any other language in the world, it evolves, accept cross-pollination, etc.. As a matter f fact, the Académie, very often, just follow the usage. When it tries to "impose" (it has no way to impose anything) a word, it generally doesn't work (as I said, the French still don't use courriel, and prefer mail).

Btw, the Académie Française accepts foreigners. The first was an American (readable, not unknown).

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