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Hardware, Embedded Systems Sony is a company which is not exactly loved by technologists, despite the fact it has come up with some damn fine technology - with my personal favourite being the MiniDisc format. The problem with Sony has always been that it was stuck in the old ways of doing things (proprietary, closed, DRM), and of course things like the rootkit scandal didn't help either. It seems like things are about to change, with Sony's CEO announcing a new direction for the company - focussed on openness.
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RE: Walkman owners
by timl on Tue 12th May 2009 14:16 UTC in reply to "Walkman owners"
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So, am I the only one who at the term Walkman thought of the portable cassette players of yore, and wondered: "DRM-free? But there was never any DRM on tapes* !"

(*): Actually the industry considered a kind of copy protection on tapes for a while. I'm not sure of the specifics, but I believe it used a pilot tone of a special frequency. But as tapes couldn't (affordably) record frequencies below or above human hearing, the system would have to interfere with the audible music. This was not deemed acceptable, and the idea was shelved.
Oh well, analog copies degraded in quality anyway, especially after a few generations.

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