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Benchmarks Phoronix, known for their various speed tests and reviews, compared the latest in Ubuntu and what, until recently, used to be the lastest in Mac OS X with 29 different benchmarking tests. Some of the results were rather interesting.
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I'm surprised but does this matter?
by bousozoku on Wed 13th May 2009 02:48 UTC
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I remember seeing so many comparisons between PowerPC machines and various machines running Linux and the whole monolithic kernel vs. micro kernel argument and how Mac OS X was always severely thumped in every performance comparison.

So, Mac OS X wins a few tests, good or bad, but why are people making excuses for Linux here? Wasn't it fair in the past that the graphics drivers weren't the best or that Canonical didn't optimise anything when Linux was winning?

It's not exactly that any of this matters since it's not going to change anyone's mind really. I'd be more interested in seeing how FreeBSD performs against Mac OS X since they share bits and pieces quite often.

Struggle is good. If gives us a constant goal, right?

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