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Benchmarks Phoronix, known for their various speed tests and reviews, compared the latest in Ubuntu and what, until recently, used to be the lastest in Mac OS X with 29 different benchmarking tests. Some of the results were rather interesting.
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This whole issue has nothing to do with having an open source kernel or gtk vs. cocoa or whatever.

It has everything to do with market share. Linux will get great desktop hardware support (3d graphics, wireless, acpi) when it has decent desktop market share. Look at the server market right now. You don't have to buy a server that's supported in linux. Every server product is well supported in linux. A manufacturer that put out a server product that wasn't supported in linux would be laughed at. All of that is because linux is installed on a good portion of servers.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread right now about Linux having only a small market share. They are actually talking ONLY about the desktop market.

If we are talking about the entire market wherein the devices you mentioned (3d graphics, wireless, acpi) are used, Linux would have a very decent market share of that entire market. Perhaps 20% or so.

The ONLY viable reason why a device maker would refuse to support Linux would be if they had been paid not to.

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