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X11, Window Managers "Over time, many people have complained about the X Window system; the X Window system, or Xorg in its current most popular implementation, is the layer between applications and the graphics adapter. It has some fantastic features (like the ability to run application over the network) and some shortcoming. One thing is sure: it has evolved over the last year or so, immensely, especially as far as 3D and hardware acceleration."
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RE: network
by karunko on Wed 13th May 2009 07:55 UTC in reply to "network"
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Running X over the network can be *very* useful

That was the whole point. When you work in a large organization (academic or otherwise) where you have UNIX boxes running the gamut from Linux to Solaris to HP-UX, nothing beats X Window. Trouble is, most people use it on their desktop (not by choice but because there are no real alternatives) where server and client run on the same computer and the benefits of such architecture are lost.

but one need a local network to get decent performance.

A fast DSL can get you an acceptable performance level. It's not zippy by any mean (and forget about eye candy) but it's usable. Still, there are better alternatives like VNC which support features like Low Bandiwth X, compression, etc.


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