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Internet & Networking As we happened to be talking about advertisements on OSNews yesterday, and the use of Adblock, I stumbled upon a blog entry by Adblock Plus' developer, who is trying to improve Adblock in such a way that it is less harmful to webmasters. His suggestion is surely intriguing, but will it fly wth Adblock users?
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by spinnekopje on Wed 13th May 2009 08:11 UTC
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Webmasters should learn that users should not be obliged to click or scroll before they see the contents of the website. As long as I can start reading what I want without those 2 actions I don't really care about ads.
A standard feature of browsers could be a database to 'remove' those annoying things from a website when displaying it. Making that happen asks for a lot of work and a good database, but it might help webmasters to create usefull sites.
I would like to add surveys to the list of ads, because some websites seem to like those very much.

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