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X11, Window Managers "Over time, many people have complained about the X Window system; the X Window system, or Xorg in its current most popular implementation, is the layer between applications and the graphics adapter. It has some fantastic features (like the ability to run application over the network) and some shortcoming. One thing is sure: it has evolved over the last year or so, immensely, especially as far as 3D and hardware acceleration."
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by de_wizze on Wed 13th May 2009 08:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Maybe,"
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It does not matter what X gives developers. Give them MITSHM and people still blame the the X protocol for any slowness. Give them DRI, and they still blame X. Give them DRI2. Ditto. When are the driver writers going to start getting all the blame that they really have deserved for all these many years?

Those who do not understand X are condemned to wrongly blame it, poorly, and to completely miss pinpointing the *real* culprits.

They need a more accurate and reflective set of benchmarks to that pinpoint exactly where the performance is seen and where that performance is lost. I am reminded of an article that once shed a bit of light on one of the most commonly used "X Benchmarks" .. glxgears

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