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Intel As was already revealed by eWeek earlier this week, the EU has imposed a massive fine on Intel for abusing its monopoly position. The fine is larger than the one given to Microsoft: 1.06 billion EUR, or 1.44 billion USD, opposed to the 899 million EUR fine imposed upon Microsoft.
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Damage to the Computing Industry
by hackus on Wed 13th May 2009 12:27 UTC
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Microsoft has done far more too damage the computing industry and set us back DECADES, vs Intel.

At least Intel continually posts real improvements, year to year which are measurable and the costs keep going down.

It is exactly opposite with Microsoft. Prices keep going up and the quality is <censored>.

Microsoft should have 60 Billion dollar fine, so that all of that money can be invested into the industry. Right now it just sits around funding lawyers to do analysis work on the SCO case and figure out how they can wage another proxy war against open source projects.

If Microsoft can't spend the money correctly, perhaps it is the job of the society they work for to use the money for more constructive things: Like open source projects.

At the very least I would like to see the money Microsoft currently has taken away and put to work in the industry right now to do some real innovation and get things heated up again.

The computing industry is f*cked up.


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