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Intel As was already revealed by eWeek earlier this week, the EU has imposed a massive fine on Intel for abusing its monopoly position. The fine is larger than the one given to Microsoft: 1.06 billion EUR, or 1.44 billion USD, opposed to the 899 million EUR fine imposed upon Microsoft.
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RE[2]: Of course
by kaiwai on Wed 13th May 2009 16:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Of course"
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"Users not being able to install all the windows programs that they already paid for"

Users don’t install software on netbooks> The majority don’t because it doesn’t have a CD drive, and they’re not used to the idea of software not coming on CDs. The only software I’ve seen users install is either Skype, or MSN.

The only valid reason I could see an average users wanting XP over Linux for is that the Linux software bundled with the machine isn’t MSN enough, and doesn’t support webcam; as you've said.

With that being said, the integration is abysmal. Compare the Windows XP configuration and work done then compare it to their Linux version; I can see why some Linux advocates just say, "if you're not going to do it properly - don't even try" - the half baked attempts have basically given Linux a bad rap as the operating system that couldn't step up to the challenge (when in reality it is the OEM's at fault).

I'll put money on it, if there was an OEM who spent a little time fine tuning and making sure it all works out of the box - spending some time making sure that there is good integration; and it might actually involve hiring a dozen programmers to contribute back code to the linux kernel and open source stack - maybe license CODECs so that the out of the box experience is as smooth as possible.

The problem is that OEM vendors expect a solution to drop out of the sky instead of realising that this is their chance to make a unique experience for their customers - something that makes their product stand out from the rest. For those wondering, yes, I will pay extra for something that works well out of the box over something that appears to be thrown together in a hurry.

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