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Intel As was already revealed by eWeek earlier this week, the EU has imposed a massive fine on Intel for abusing its monopoly position. The fine is larger than the one given to Microsoft: 1.06 billion EUR, or 1.44 billion USD, opposed to the 899 million EUR fine imposed upon Microsoft.
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RE: nobody's perfect
by SamuraiCrow on Wed 13th May 2009 19:51 UTC in reply to "nobody's perfect"
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P.S. Anybody else tired of the SSSE3 / SSE4.1 / 4.2 / 4a / SSE5 / AVX crapola? God forbid they work together to develop a single standard!

Single standard may well mean LLVM from Apple's coffers before too long. That way you can install to any processor from the bitcode files regardless of the Intel/AMD/ARM/MIPS/SPARC affiliation. I'd prefer that the world value their processors based on capability rather than compatibility.

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