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Java This article explains how to develop and implement trees in the Standard Widget Toolkit. Learn how an SWT tree is created and populated with data, how columns can be used to categorize data, how a tree can be extended to support row sorting, and how the tree's content can be searched.
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RE[3]: Article in time,
by marcelkoopman on Thu 14th May 2009 19:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Article in time,"
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show what ?

Anyway, I don't like Java and its speed disaster.
Some years I heard about an OS written in Java, still alive ? XD

C++ is for robust things, Python is for prototyping this is the best combination !

Speed disaster? Come on, please be correct. Java was slow in the beginning of its release. Current JIT compilers are as fast as C++ / native code or even faster in some cases.
Why do you think NASA is using Java instead of C++? Because of pointer bugs. Its not reliable enough.

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