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KDE The KDE team has pushed out the first beta release of KDE 4.3. The highlights of this release are the integration of many new technologies, such as PolicyKit and Geolocation services, new window animation effects, a more usable run command popup, many new and improved addons in Plasma, Many bugfixes and improvements across all applications, and more integration of features coming with the KDE 4 platform.
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RE[5]: Keeping KHTML hanging on
by kajaman on Thu 14th May 2009 19:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Keeping KHTML hanging on"
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Pff, shot me but that is just not true. I was _pretty_ happy with kde 4.2 on Ubuntu 9.04. Minor things like occasional crashes of bluetooth applet or painfully slow dolphin copying of files were painful but I could stand that. Until one day it just stopped. Literally. It stopped loading just after panel showed up and nothing happened. One restart of KDM, another one, and another later. No joy. rm -rf ~/.kde and restart of KDM. Still nothing. Well f--k that, I am using Gnome for 2 weeks now and since I was always KDE fan I don't enjoy it much but at least it don't crash. I'll give 4.3 a try when it's out as I am hopeless guy who just wants his KDE desk back!

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