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General Development Microsoft has come one step closer to delivering a parallel programming language to developers. On May 8, Microsoft made Axum, the company's foray into parallel programming, available on its MSDN DevLabs portal. Axum is a .NET language for building parallel applications. According to a Microsoft description, Axum "is a language that builds upon the architecture of the Web and principles of isolation, actors and message-passing to increase application safety, responsiveness, scalability and developer productivity."
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RE: oh no not another one
by kaiwai on Fri 15th May 2009 04:50 UTC in reply to "oh no not another one"
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Axum, F, C# ... when will Microsoft get over their NIH mindset and learn to cooperate ?

The world does not need more programming languages. The tower of Babel has already been built.

Why? I think it is wonderful and I hope that maybe Microsoft will relinquish any claims of royalties on .NET implementations - I can understand the need for defensive patents but it would be great if Microsoft worked with the open source community thus leaving the 'value' being derived not from the framework but the implementation of developer tools which make it easier to implement.

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