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Hardware, Embedded Systems Sony is a company which is not exactly loved by technologists, despite the fact it has come up with some damn fine technology - with my personal favourite being the MiniDisc format. The problem with Sony has always been that it was stuck in the old ways of doing things (proprietary, closed, DRM), and of course things like the rootkit scandal didn't help either. It seems like things are about to change, with Sony's CEO announcing a new direction for the company - focussed on openness.
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RE[3]: funny headline
by pcummins on Fri 15th May 2009 10:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: funny headline"
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That was exactly what they did with the PS2 Linux kit.

Not exactly. The Sony Linux RTE disc boots the equivalent of a hypervisor to abstract the I/O hardware of the PS2, so the IOP + SPU2 are off-limits to the user except via approved RTE calls (ie, direct access to USB, network, memory cards and sound). However, the EE & GS are available for unrestricted full use.

On the PS3 the hypervisor blocks access to the NVIDIA GPU and abstracts the hardware I/O. Probably what is annoying is the lack of 2D acceleration and YUV -> RGB and advanced 2D graphics modes for video playback which is blocked. The 3D isn't so much of a problem if you just want media players.

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