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Windows Whenever we talk about Windows 7 on OSNews, you'll always hear me advise you to change the UAC settings by setting it to its highest level, since Windows 7's default simply isn't secure. You might wonder why you should deal with additional prompts - what is the security risk actually like? Well, it's pretty big.
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My solution
by John.Gustafsson on Fri 15th May 2009 12:27 UTC
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My solution is simple to turn everything off, never have anything actually important in Windows and simple don't care if it goes *poff* as I will just reinstall when it happens. Stuff like Valve's Steam really is a <deity> send in this case as it is so easy to reinstall. Just wish they could save my saved games as well.

Then I just do everything actually important, such as files I want to save, online banking, etc on a computer with a less screwed up system. One can dual boot or better yet have two computers. Which better OS to run I will not go into, those flamewars only add to global warming.

The sad thing is that if Microsoft had actual leadership and far less internal fighting, they could make a version of Windows that would shine.

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