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Linux "Following up on our introductory article on Btrfs, Jeff Layton talked with Chris Mason, Director of Linux Kernel Engineering at Oracle and the founder and lead developer of Btrfs."
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RE: Front Page
by Spellcheck on Fri 15th May 2009 19:39 UTC in reply to "Front Page"
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Even though it doesn't make much sense, the real difference between "Front Page" and "Page 2" is whether the staff just links to the piece with a quoted blurb, in the case of the latter, or whether they give more information in the form of original reporting, usually indicated by the "Read more" link.

That's why very interesting material ends up on "Page 2", which -- if it were a newspaper -- would indicate it is of less interest, whereas anything that gets a custom writeup goes on the "Front Page'.

(The fact itself that this isn't immediately obvious should indicate that it's not an improvement to a combined page.)

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