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Legal With things like the Pirate Bay trial and the French three strikes law still very fresh in memory, it's easy to forget that sometimes, offence can be the best defence. In light of this ancient wisdom, Dutch website has filed a lawsuit against the Dutch variant of the RIAA, BREIN. is backed and supported by two key Dutch copyright lawyers. Note that most links in this story will be written in Foreign for most of you.
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by mariux on Sat 16th May 2009 01:03 UTC in reply to "No title"
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Norway also had a similar law, but i think it too has changed now. Don't know if it was due to EU regulations that even though we have chosen to stay out of the EU, we are forced to implement.

A fun thing though is that i today read that it is not entirely unrealistic that the pirate party will get one of Swedens seats in the EU parliament in the upcoming election next week. Their popularity has soared lately.

There is a lot happening around the world right now WRT p[riv|ir]acy on the internet, it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. Maybe in 10 years we will be looking back on the 2000's as the 'Wild West' period of the Internet.

Off Topic: Thom, im learning dutch right now and i am looking for dutch audiobooks. Just finished de brief voor de koning, which had spot on 'advancedness' of the language. Got any other similar classics to recommend?
(Learning dutch is a breeze when you know Norwegian, English and German ;)

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