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Windows Whenever we talk about Windows 7 on OSNews, you'll always hear me advise you to change the UAC settings by setting it to its highest level, since Windows 7's default simply isn't secure. You might wonder why you should deal with additional prompts - what is the security risk actually like? Well, it's pretty big.
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RE[4]: Competition
by Drumhellar on Sat 16th May 2009 06:49 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Competition"
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IMO, the sensible approach would have been:
- keep the existing XP/2k/NT4 security model (permissions based on account type/ACLs)

UAC is basically based on the old security model. Only now, it's actually enforced. For nearly 10 years Microsoft has been telling developers to write programs the new way. Some didn't, and now their programs break. UAC is meant to lesson the impact of that, while providing a new way for developers to keep the old, antiquated mind-set and allow things to run (mostly) smoothly.

make the default user non-Admin on new installations

Good idea. Users also need to be taught to be more security minded, not just the developers.

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