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Legal With things like the Pirate Bay trial and the French three strikes law still very fresh in memory, it's easy to forget that sometimes, offence can be the best defence. In light of this ancient wisdom, Dutch website has filed a lawsuit against the Dutch variant of the RIAA, BREIN. is backed and supported by two key Dutch copyright lawyers. Note that most links in this story will be written in Foreign for most of you.
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Well, if you want to stay legal for yourself then yes, it won't matter much in practise.

We also have a law which doesn't allow anyone to track your IP address without prior notice. Since it is impossible to obtain someone's postal address when you only have their IP address, this would never be a suitable form of evidence.

This means that uploading is no problem either in the Netherlands. The only messages people receive here come from US organisations. Those organisations tend to write dutch ISPs, which then forward these letters to their customers with an extra line like "We received this complaint. What are you going to do to resolve it?". Replying with something like "This serie hasn't been licensed in Europe." or "Sorry, won't share this exact file again." and probably everything even more stupid will do. Only your own ISP will see your reply and they really don't care about it. Many ISPs probably don't even forward such notices.

So if you don't upload, you only really do it for your own sake. You can't be caught for it here.

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