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Features, Office "I have noticed these days that the computer market is either falling into some sort of dictatorship or some other power of influence that is forcing the computer market into a no choice market where the choice is handpicked by either some monopoly or by a misperception made by the wrong decision makers in today's computer industry. The computer market of today as we know it is being prefabricated by influence while hypnotizing the public of that influence."
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RE: disagree.
by the_trapper on Mon 26th Sep 2005 14:13 UTC in reply to "disagree."
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And is this OpenDocument format accessible by MS Office users? No? Then doesn't it mean that 95% of the Massachucets (get a spell-able name for that state, people ;) ) population can no longer access their government's files?

And who's fault is it that MS Office doesn't support the OpenDocument format? I guarantee, KOffice, and StarOffice have more users than Lotus SmartSuite and WordPerfect combined.

What's keeping people from downloading or at least some enterprising company from producing a nice little shareware viewer app or Microsoft Office filter for it?

Quite frankly, I see this move by Massachusetts to be a good thing, and one can only hope the rest of the Government will likewise get out of bed with Microsoft.

So, you basically pick one dominant computer company over the other... At least Microsoft has no access to my chat logs, emails, searching behaviour, files I keep on my computer, etc.

How does Microsoft not have access to these things if you choose to give them access to them? Using MSN, Google, or Yahoo! are choices that we make. I think you've just contradicted yourself. Microsoft had chat, search, and email services long before Google anyway. I do agree that having any company in a massively dominant position is unhealthy, be it Microsoft, Google, or Apple. Healthy competition is best for the industry.

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