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Internet & Networking As we happened to be talking about advertisements on OSNews yesterday, and the use of Adblock, I stumbled upon a blog entry by Adblock Plus' developer, who is trying to improve Adblock in such a way that it is less harmful to webmasters. His suggestion is surely intriguing, but will it fly wth Adblock users?
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by coreyography on Mon 18th May 2009 15:35 UTC
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One thing I surprisingly have not seen discussed here is the security aspect of this (if it was, and I overlooked it, forgive me). There was a Flash-based exploit circulating not too long ago in bogus ads from some 3rd-party server that had not, apparently, been vetted by anyone. These ads IIRC appeared even on "big-name" sites (

I do not run an adblocker per se, but I do use the NoScript extension for Firefox, which ends up blocking most ads as a side-effect. I feel for web site operators like Thom, and I too do not have an inherent objection to ads if they are not annoying or offensive, but my security concerns outweigh my sympathy and therefore I am not likely to turn off NoScript so 4 or 5 third-party ad sites can display their ads.

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