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Hardware, Embedded Systems As you'll hear in the latest OSNews podcast (recorded yesterday, published later today), we had a discussion about Sony and some of its failed attempts at capturing mind share with proprietary technologies, among which the excellent but mismanaged MiniDisc technology. Imagine my surprise when I was browsing the web this morning, looking for news, and stumbled upon a supposedly new model of the Aspire One - with a Vmedia drive. A what?
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I second
by coreyography on Mon 18th May 2009 15:57 UTC
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I second some of what has been said here. This will fail in its current form, not because people want "downloadable" content (I am not one of them, more on that later), but because this offers zero advantages over SDHC or even CompactFlash media -- except maybe on paper to the content companies if they DRM it to death (real world, it _will_ be cracked).

The problem with downloadable (video) content is that the bandwidth is not there to fully support it. Even if I did believe in pirating movies, I for one do not want to wait for nearly 5 GB of data to download -- and that's for a regular DVD, let alone Blu-ray. Downloading is only good IMHO for the quarter-screen stuff I watch on YouTube and the like. Unless codec technology makes some major advances (because the bandwidth providers are not likely to expand the pipes anytime soon), I will still be carting around my physical media.

Edit: What's sad is that Panasonic and Acer waste their time on this crap instead of solving actual customer problems.

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