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Java This article explains how to develop and implement trees in the Standard Widget Toolkit. Learn how an SWT tree is created and populated with data, how columns can be used to categorize data, how a tree can be extended to support row sorting, and how the tree's content can be searched.
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by Denbish on Mon 18th May 2009 17:07 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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See that's funny, because if you asked Stroustrup, only using C++ to replace what you'd otherwise be using C for is a huge waste of the immense featureset that C++ provides.

You know what's worse than a Java programmer who doesn't know how to program? A C++ programmer who doesn't know how to program. The usual assumption is that bad programmers won't cut it in C++, but personal experience has taught me that bad C++ programmers are quite plentiful. The sheer destructive power of the bad C++ programmer is unmatched in the world of software engineering.

The other dirty little secret is that unless you're a bonafide expert with years of experience, you're probably a bad C++ programmer.

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