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Linux We all know them. We all hate them. They are generally overdone, completely biased, or so vague they border on the edge of pointlessness (or toppled over said edge). Yes, I'm talking about those "Is Linux ready for the desktop" articles. Still, this one is different.
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It depends... If it's ready
by wawrzyn on Mon 18th May 2009 20:42 UTC
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Yes, it's not ready.

On the other hand, I'm using Slackware Linux on my desktop since 2002 all the time (having FreeBSD on spare machine for some time). Before 2002 we ran the whole office on RedHat Linux, some of us were using Debian also. So, it depends what you're looking for. I must say, that having my Slackware box in my hands makes me feel it works like a blast comparing to the same machine with Vista on board. This was the main reason I removed Vista from my notebook and... I installed Slackware. To be honest - this notebook is shared with my wife. She also prefers Slackware as long, as everything works fine, she can use Firefox, Thunderbird, she has Flash support for modern sites and youtube, she can also write some documents in Writer and calculate home budget and expenses in Calc. I have GCC, Java, a lot of tools and - the great - VirtualBox for development and tests.

So, is it ready? For me (I think us) - yes.

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