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Linux We all know them. We all hate them. They are generally overdone, completely biased, or so vague they border on the edge of pointlessness (or toppled over said edge). Yes, I'm talking about those "Is Linux ready for the desktop" articles. Still, this one is different.
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RE[3]: Seems rushed
by Lennie on Mon 18th May 2009 22:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Seems rushed"
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"I take it, then, that you don't buy DVDs either?"

This is true, I don't. Well I did buy one drive for my computer, because their just wasn't a CD-burner when I needed one. So I bought a DVD-drive which can burn CD's.

I think the drive has actually had a DVD in their ones.

I would actually want to buy a PC with a processor without TPM and CPUID as wel, but it's not so easy to find.

I tried to buy a LCD TV which didn't have a HDMI-connection and ticked all the other boxes, but it didn't exist.

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