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Mozilla & Gecko clones Tabbed browsing is pretty much the norm by now, with even someone like me (who disliked it vehemently for a long time) finally giving in and start using tabbed browsing (thanks to Chrome, by the way). Well, apparently, Mozilla thinks its time to move on. They believe tabbed browsing has become obsolete, and are asking users to come up with a better alternative.
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Simple idea
by acobar on Tue 19th May 2009 00:14 UTC
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- Upon clicking an uri (link) on a page, if the default action is to open a new tab, group it hierarchically (as a folder inside a folder). A whole tree can be created this way;

- Make tabs grouped be seen with a left "+" to expand it (show the tree). Internal uri's may have a "-" to collapse a sub-tree (the same way we do on file managers);

- The navigation on the grouped tabs should be the same we do on tree panels (with scroll bars if needed and all), except, of course, that the tree will be hidden after we choose an uri. Optionally, a control+click may display the page without closing the tree panel;

- Make the tab title be the title of the last accessed (current viewed) uri. Also, the current item on the table tree should be highlighted and be the first item showed (like in drop down lists - where you get first what is selected and can go up or down to previous or next elements through the scroll bar);

- To insert a tab in another just drag it to the second and wait the tree panel to drop. After that, select the insertion point;

- To delete click the "x" at right (as is usual on firefox).

I would enjoy something like that. The metaphor is already well known by most of us anyway.

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