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Mozilla & Gecko clones Tabbed browsing is pretty much the norm by now, with even someone like me (who disliked it vehemently for a long time) finally giving in and start using tabbed browsing (thanks to Chrome, by the way). Well, apparently, Mozilla thinks its time to move on. They believe tabbed browsing has become obsolete, and are asking users to come up with a better alternative.
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RE[4]: Uhm
by ephracis on Tue 19th May 2009 12:49 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Uhm"
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So maybe this should work for most people:

1) Download updates in background and install without prompting (default)
2) Notify user of available downloads
3) Manual upgrades

Solution 2 and 3 would never force anything, and solution two would be discrete and non-intrusive. Solution number 3 would just be a button that says "Check for updates".

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