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Mozilla & Gecko clones Tabbed browsing is pretty much the norm by now, with even someone like me (who disliked it vehemently for a long time) finally giving in and start using tabbed browsing (thanks to Chrome, by the way). Well, apparently, Mozilla thinks its time to move on. They believe tabbed browsing has become obsolete, and are asking users to come up with a better alternative.
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RE: Simple answer
by eksasol on Tue 19th May 2009 17:03 UTC in reply to "Simple answer"
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Duh, wait for Opera 11, see what's innovative, cool and uber-useful, and then copy it into Mozilla. Wasn't that Mozilla's feature development strategy for the last 8 years?

HAHAHA, that was exactly what I thought when I read the title of this article. Just copy off Opera.

I have about 5 tabs open at once and about 500 bookmarks organized in 25 different catergories. Instead of trying to make more tab open at once, what they should do is design the bookmark so people will utilize it more. Both the Opera and Firefox bookmarking system can be improve to add more interactive handon features. Sort of like an organization system iTunes use to automatically organize the bookmarks the way music is, with thumbnails and such. Shouldn't have to take up screen space, because like the Panel in Opera, have a big button to quickly open and hide it.

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