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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless After a whole boatload of rumours, Twitter posts, and what not, we finally have an official release date for Palm's Pre, the phone and platform that is supposed to save Palm from a fairly certain doom. Sprint, Palm's partner announced the release date, pricing information, and plans today, with Palm's official blog following soon after.
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RE: Hope it fails
by sardaukar on Tue 19th May 2009 22:06 UTC in reply to "Hope it fails"
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The apps ARE native. Just like ARM processors have Jazelle technology to run Java bytecode as native, this new ARM processor powering the Pre does the same for Javascript IMO - it's impossible to be this fast and do multi-tasking without it. It's a clever move, and ahead of it's time. Besides, it's Javascript! Everyone and their dogs will be able to code for it, there are millions of coders out there well versed in JS and CSS and that do not want to learn Obj-C and get a Mac to code for the iPhone, which is getting saturated already, and can not do multi-tasking or have access to something as powerful as Synergy looks like in paper.

Open your mind - this is the future of software development on smartphones. Cross-vendor web frameworks are already sprouting up for iPhone, Symbian and Android. This is going to be all that, well done.

Palm has proven it can take a broken Apple design (Newton) and improve on it (the Pilot) once. I believe they can succeed now as well.

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