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Linux "We first got excited for Moblin 2.0 back in January when seeing how fast this Linux distribution had booted on Atom-powered netbooks. This Fedora-derived distribution booted even faster with a newer development release that came out this past March. While Moblin 2.0 final is not yet released, there is now more to get excited over than just amazing boot times. Moblin 2.0 will introduce a Clutter-based user interface and from our initial encounters with this release, it is very impressive! In this article we have more information on this new Moblin UI along with screenshots and videos."
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RE[2]: Well...
by SEJeff on Wed 20th May 2009 00:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Well..."
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Chill out it is fedora. rpm -Uvh ...

At absolute worst you setup a mock chroot and do:
mock -r moblin-2.0-x86_64 rebuild gnote.src.rpm or whatnot ;)

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