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Hardware, Embedded Systems As you'll hear in the latest OSNews podcast (recorded yesterday, published later today), we had a discussion about Sony and some of its failed attempts at capturing mind share with proprietary technologies, among which the excellent but mismanaged MiniDisc technology. Imagine my surprise when I was browsing the web this morning, looking for news, and stumbled upon a supposedly new model of the Aspire One - with a Vmedia drive. A what?
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RE[2]: I second
by coreyography on Wed 20th May 2009 02:43 UTC in reply to "RE: I second"
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Well, I guess thanks for the updates. I have not been "sleeping"; it is probably more likely that between the lack of good movies, and the "convenience" of going and getting a DVD from Red Box or Wal-Mart, I have little interest in transcoding or downloading my own (even at ~700MB).

I think the comments about the media companies are spot-on, but even in absence of that I still would not be jumping all over this new format; it is still in my mind inferior to flash memory devices.

I am also not so sure that bandwidth will continue to increase, at least not until there is more financial incentive for providers to increase it. Everywhere I look I see bandwidth providers trying to either cap it or charge more for it above a certain rate.

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