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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless After a whole boatload of rumours, Twitter posts, and what not, we finally have an official release date for Palm's Pre, the phone and platform that is supposed to save Palm from a fairly certain doom. Sprint, Palm's partner announced the release date, pricing information, and plans today, with Palm's official blog following soon after.
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Verizon needs this
by coreyography on Wed 20th May 2009 02:58 UTC
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I hope Verizon gets this phone. Even with Palm's questionable future, this looks better than anything in Verizon's smartphone lineup right now.

Of course, if they can't cripple it in an effort to squeeze more money out of you, then it won't happen ;)

BTW, $70 for a 450-minute everything plan isn't too bad as major-carrier US prices go. Verizon's 900-minute plus 5GB/month data (no texting) was $99 last time I signed up.

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