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Hardware, Embedded Systems Hot on the heels of the Russians, we have another clone maker popping up, this time in fish & chips country: Freedom PC. "Powerful and versatile, environmentally friendly yet inexpensive computer systems compatible with any and all of the main operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. So YOU can decide which one to use for what YOU want to do. And we give you a choice of models, too - from the low priced and good looking office machine, the ideal choice for business, to the high powered, sleek, gaming media centre. All, with the operating system of your choice pre-installed - or none at all - at prices accessible to all." They offer various models pre-installed with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
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The point to Mac are that many people are filled up with Windows sucking donkey and dont have time for tuning Linux. Mac OS X just work. No assle, intuitive UI, nice well-integrated eye candies. Take an average Windows user, put it onto Mac for a year and then ask him if he'd like to go back to Windows. I know many people that have done the switch and never they'd want to switch back to Windows.

The problem with clones, is they break the advantage of Macs. If the integrator haven't done his job well enough, they wont just work out of the box and the people will have to tune them.

In a sense, Mac OS X has to be preconfigured first than will be usable for a long time. It's about the same you could do with a Ubuntu you'd fine tune for your mom than you disable system updates to lock the softwares in their current status. Windows simply can't get the cut with this... How many times have I seen systems getting clunky and slow over time simply because Windows haven't been reinstalled.

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