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Linux We all know them. We all hate them. They are generally overdone, completely biased, or so vague they border on the edge of pointlessness (or toppled over said edge). Yes, I'm talking about those "Is Linux ready for the desktop" articles. Still, this one is different.
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RE[8]: *sigh*
by levi on Wed 20th May 2009 23:51 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: *sigh*"
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You are completely out of the discussion. The main reason and the main problem with Linux is that it is its heavily fragmented user base. Everyone is pulling its own way.

Why it is a problem ? Because you have to do some work yourself ? Either you do (in this case search and learn) or you pay as simple as that. Final result may be comparable.

Do you honestly believe that a normal user who just want to edit audio is gonna start asking: Which distro has preemptive kernel? Where is my C ompiler to make the stuff work? There are no good audio apps I am gonna make my own!

Who is a normal user, really ? Is he real or you just imagined him, or worse, calculated him on averages ?

There are just people around; each one with different goals in mind and different pocket depth.

Get real. You were telling Linux is wonderful for audio, I told you what the problem with audio was. You said it is fixed. No it is not fixed. Other people in the thread have told you distros by name that do not come with preemptive kernel by default. And then you start telling me I am spreading FUD... I am not spreading FUD, I am telling you the problem with Linux on Audio.

How about the right tool for the right job (within price limit you can afford) ? Linux is not wonderful - it's just another OS - another tool.

Now you expect a normal user to be hunting a distro, or compiling the code themselves. If you really believe that's the strategy for taking control of the desktop... Keep dreaming. Linux is not cool if you can do your work with it or if you have to become a computer geek to make it work, because there are other computers that just work.

What most audio people use? Mac OS X, and some Windows.

You mean normal user as a hobbyst, a rich-professional, not-so-rich-pro, a rich-hobbyst, and maybe a hobbyst-thief ?

Just think for a second who will be reaching for open source. Doesn't he deserve to be called normal user too ?

Bottom line is that (believe it or not) people are different and there is no spoon eee... normal user.

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