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Hardware, Embedded Systems Hot on the heels of the Russians, we have another clone maker popping up, this time in fish & chips country: Freedom PC. "Powerful and versatile, environmentally friendly yet inexpensive computer systems compatible with any and all of the main operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. So YOU can decide which one to use for what YOU want to do. And we give you a choice of models, too - from the low priced and good looking office machine, the ideal choice for business, to the high powered, sleek, gaming media centre. All, with the operating system of your choice pre-installed - or none at all - at prices accessible to all." They offer various models pre-installed with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
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RE[6]: Comment by darknexus
by Gunderwo on Thu 21st May 2009 00:07 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by darknexus"
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I don't have an issue with discussing your opinion on what the verdict should be regarding fair usage of a product you bought and whether those rights can be withheld in an EULA. I won't comment on them because my opinion has been stated dozens of times by others. I would suggest that any opinion you have has also been said dozens of times already to.

My issue is with your initial comment is that it is addressing a whole bunch of other points like whether EULAs are enforceable, whether it matters if it's an upgrade copy, or the completely ridiculous statement that finding one invalid clause will invalidate the entire EULA.

The case against Psystar has nothing to do with these issues so discussing them in regards to this case is irrelevant. All your trying to do is bring up a bunch of strawman arguments that have absolutely no bearing on what is really going on.

It's a classic example of feeling like you are in a a weak position in your argument so you bring up a whole bunch of other irrelevant crap. I've seen it several times and this time I've decided to feed the troll and say how silly you sound.

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