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Hardware, Embedded Systems Hot on the heels of the Russians, we have another clone maker popping up, this time in fish & chips country: Freedom PC. "Powerful and versatile, environmentally friendly yet inexpensive computer systems compatible with any and all of the main operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. So YOU can decide which one to use for what YOU want to do. And we give you a choice of models, too - from the low priced and good looking office machine, the ideal choice for business, to the high powered, sleek, gaming media centre. All, with the operating system of your choice pre-installed - or none at all - at prices accessible to all." They offer various models pre-installed with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
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Let me preface this by saying I've used every version of windows since 2.0 up until Windows 2003 / XP-64 (which is internally a server disabled, rebranded version of Win 2003). (FYI I found win98 ok, win2k terrible, XP ok, and XP-64/2003 much better on the slowdown front).

There's one huge flaw with your argument. The slow down problem by its very nature cannot happen without anything to slow it down. The problem is modern Linux distributions don't leave a fragmented database with lots of redundant entries behind, and package managers remove redundant files. Lets ignore my and a large majority of users experience of it not happening for a moment and lets be logical and ask the questions:
How is it slowing down?
What is causing it?

If it is doing so, there must be a reason, right?

We can quite easily find reasons why it happens in Windows and we can quite easily find reasons why it does not happen in other operating systems but is the reverse true? Having read your post I have been unable to find any reasoning or understanding, just misinformation.

If you uninstall a package, like say, abiword the only things left behind are text config files that only abiword reads - nothing will slow down. It theoretically cannot happen.

I cannot reiterate enough how much this will not happen due to installing and uninstalling on Linux.

With mac as far as I know you literally just drop a self contained program in a folder onto your drive with all dependences. so presumably when you remove it it leaves nothing behind either. As far as I know this is a windows only phenomenon.

It's much easier to see why this happens when you understand how the system works.

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